I've always got one or two personal projects on the go. I used to write a lot more than I have been these days, but lately I've been planning a gaming tournament in a PC game that I play online a lot. I've had one of these tournaments before that was less popular than I anticipated, and I decided to give it one more shot. I've so far been extremely pleased with the interest from the community and it seems that this event will be busier than the last. I just hope that I can get through all of the contestants in time, you see I've dedicated 2 8-hour days to this but I'll be the only referee so matches will be one-after-the-other for those full 8 hours. It will be hectic, but I'll enjoy the rush of it all.

Beyond this I still pick up my Chapman Stick for a half-hour here and there (when I find the time and motivation to do so). I'm trying not to spend any money that I don't need to because I'm trying to save as much as I can for a few things that I want to do sooner rather than later. Engagement rings are expensive and I'm not making a large sum of money every paycheck. I do dedicate about an hour every week to looking for adequate compensation, to speed the attainment of these goals along. I never wanted to live my life according to how much money I made, but the simple fact is that things, namely the one's that I need and want, cost money. I can't wait five years to do any of this, too; I've never been all that patient.

And so, with the consistent march of time that my life seems bound to, I march forward as well. Ferris Beuller was only half right: life does move pretty fast, but if you stop to look around you'll be sure to miss it. No, the trick is to move at least as fast, or faster, than it does. If you can't keep ahead of it then it will surely fly by and leave you wondering what it was that just passed.

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