The new job has been going great. I'm learning a ton of new things (both programming languages and technologies) a lot of which are on the cutting edge of new. The Cypher database language and it's application in the neo4j database structure is the highlight of all of this (as I have always loved database systems and working with them. neo4j is cool because of its flexibility (which is both a convenience and a headache, as data structures in our graph database are used for multiple contexts, which makes parsing them more... interesting.

It's a challenge that I love and it keeps me engaged throughout the day. I anticipate that t will for a while though, as the requirements and use-cases of this software are constantly in flux. The most complicated component I helped write in this software is being extended to include new data points and the corresponding data structure is being expended to include entirely new contexts. It's the good, the bad, and the ugly of working on an Agile project, where expected outputs change on a semi-daily basis. The completed product is something we have a rough idea of what it looks like, and are constantly getting new feedback and suggestions from the industry whom we intend on selling this to.

Building a changeling is fun, though. I'm always working with new stuff, and as such I'm learning new and interesting ways to use React.js and Node.js and all of the middleware we have employed between the two. I feel like a Forest Gump-eque chocolatier; I'm making a box of chocolates and I never know what I'm going to get.

That's all that's new from me. Life marches on, and I'm still here. I'll try to post more soon (time allowing).

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