Hello World! My name is Andrew and I've kept this site - lucidthought.ca - over the past few years mostly just as a toy to play with open-source CMS applications and web technologies in general. I've hosted forums for team projects here and there, but as my Undergraduate career came to and end I decided to leverage this grossly underused resource to showcase myself and also to host some sub-communities. As I delve deeper into web design and administration you can expect to see intermittent changes (as I find time to make them).

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Computer Science, and I love programming in all languages. I've had experience with a splattering of languages, from Haskell to C++, and I hope to be able to work more with the latter. I have also had experience with UI design and wireframing, as well as relational database design and application into web technologies. I started and finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary working with Python (and Python3) and Java, so I'd say that I'm moderately experienced in both languages. Check the coding section for some of my work, and take a look at my resume if you're hiring!

In my free time I like to keep myself busy with a number of things. I game and hike and play the Chapman Stick, just to name a few. I am and have always been a huge fan of the Battletech/Mechwarrior franchise. I started with the collectible card game when I was very young, and was drawn towards the lore of the universe it drew from. I grew to love the novels and the PC games and the board game, and have kept this fondness into my adult years. I also enjoy the occasional D&D campaign with friends, and have recently become enthralled in the world of Shadowrun (...I'm a big nerd).

With this short introduction I am happy to welcome you to the realm of LucidThought! I can only hope that you find something here that is worth spending time with.