So I'll start by saying that I know I've been gone from this site for too long. Honestly, its come to the point where I don't even include a link to here in my resume. I need to get back on the bus with this stuff...

The update! So it's mid COVID-19 troubles and needless to say I am having a rough time of it. I had a wonderful job with a company that I cared about and I did work that was interesting and challenging and I had a chance there to learn and grow while I worked. That was at Zephyr Technologies, a company spun out of a need to improve sleep apnea remedies that was being driven by John E. Remmers. I had fun there, I liked my team there, and I feel like I made a difference there. But nothing lasts forever, especially not the good things, and the company had to downsize in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. There are no hard feeling about letting me go; I wish they didn't have to but they did, so that was a thing.

I've started work with Bode Canada (I'm not even gonna bother with their funny accented 'o'). It's interesting work, I'm learning a new JavaScript toolset, and there is lots of work to do. I'm not sure that I like Vue.js better than React.js, but that might just be because of how the project I'm working on blatantly disregards recommended coding style and in a lot of cases I've seen already the Vue.js style guide. I'm working remote in this job. I hate working remote in this job. I'm a social programmer; I like to hear the team when problems arise, I like to share an office space, I like being able to chat with coworkers over lunch. Remote work offers none of this, and my home is now my office as well (I need  bigger apartment :-P)

That's really all I've got going for me at the moment. Times are tough. Gotta stay healthy. Gotta stay sane. Gotta socially distance (I know it's less of a problem in my city than it is elsewhere, but I'm expecting a resurgence).

So the project work has been slow going ever since I started back with it after the fire. I've built a new PC and started planning a fairly large project, but it's hard to find the time to work on it between the constant job search and 'assignments' that potential employers put me to work at. I'm really excited to work on it when I do have time, though. For now I'm going to call it "Project L", and all I can say is that it will be more of a pillar than an actionable widget. I'll probably be using React.js in some capacity to build what I have in mind, but I'm not past the planning stages yet, so I'll give updates as it becomes appropriate to do so. I'm thinking that a lot of this will be working with different APIs as well, which I'm excited as ever to delve into.


I've started rebuilding my life after the fire, and will be resuming past projects and work on life goals ASAP. I'm happy to have settled back into a house, but there is still much to do; I am currently contracting (in a field not related to my intended career) and I'm finding it hard to make time to learn and grow in Web Software Development. Working at doing what I don't want to be a career is hard enough - while continuing during free time with what I want to make my career is all the more difficult.

I am still looking, and in between my contract job and the skills building exercises I do still apply where I can. If anyone actually reads these blog posts - I am looking for work as a software developer, so let me know if you know of hiring happening anywhere. I'm open to programming in any language, and am confident that I can learn new frameworks quickly.

I'm hopeful that things will start looking up for me in my life. I had thought that I had everything sorted and I was ready to build a life out of it, but it didn't turn out that way and I'm here again climbing from the ground up.


My life has been running out of control recently. A string of hard times followed by bad luck has moved me, temporarily, out of my apartment; there was a fire that has managed to irreparably burn all of the material possessions that meant the most to me. I've moved myself and what I could immediately salvage to a place where I don't feel at home. My updates to this site, my git profile, and all other projects will be suspended indefinitely while this gets sorted out.

This is as a terribly disheartening development to a relatively quick succession of what I can only describe as bad luck. I feel less and less in control of my own existence, and so it is with regret that I halt these updates and all related work for the time being.


That is all.


The Keto diet started swimmingly, and I started losing weight at a steady pace almost immediately. I felt great, had energy, and generally felt satiated quite easily. It worked successfully as a body 'hack' to start metabolizing stored fats and it shows that I have, indeed, lost visible weight. That being said, I have hit a wall in my weight loss and with it has come side-effects that I cannot explain. I routinely drink at least 4 liters of water throughout the day, I get roughly 4,000 mg of sodium along with other electrolytes, and in general me other micronutrients are within acceptable parameters.

These side-effects have manifested in constant diarrhea, intermittent stomach pain that gets unbearable, and it is not uncommon to not be able to keep my Ketoproof Coffee breakfast down. As I said above, the weight loss has come to a standstill having lost ~20 lbs. These unexplained side effects have become to much to bear, and so I have decided to wean off of the Keto diet and lifestyle. I don't have a dietitian, nor do I have the time nor the money to see one. I've been experiencing these problems for well over a week in increasing severity. 

This is all disappointing to myself more than anyone else. I was doing so well before these problems started, which may be related to gallstones (but I'm not certain).

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